Plastic Art

Intuitive art

Paintings, poetry and  songs by Janny Vellinga-Hooghiemstra

Looking at garbage

with new eyes,

an open mind

and a loving heart...

Is seeing possibilities,

and recognizing opportunities

for inspiration..

Just by re-using

old materials,

we change our perspective

on consumption

and all the garbage that comes along

with it,

and in doing so

we find

different ways

to make

new intuïtive



For the visitorcentre in Oudebidltzijl Kirsten Zwijnenburg and Janny Vellinga will make an exhibition with info-art about the plastic wasteproblem:

  • What happens if you throw plastics into our enivronment?
  • What happens if you throw it in the garbagebinn?
  • What happens if you re-use it yourself?

All wiith keeping in mind that reduction of plastis, especiallly one-time-use only needs to be reduced

Plastic Paintings, 2018

When you collect your plastic garbage for a few weeks, you'll be astonished how large the amount.

Time to find ways to reduce, and re-use it. Click on a picture to see the enitre image

Tiny objects, 2018

Designed for our plastic museum project (September 2018 in Oudebildtzijl) and made out of our own plastic waste. In our museum we (my children and me) showed the future-history of toys, fashion, christmas and art  a.o. in the timeperiod 1978 - 9078. Where in the year 9078 everything is made of waste-plastics Cliick on a picture to see a small selection of the project